Rhino – CRM For Small Business

RHINO is the ideal CRM solution for sole traders and small businesses:


Manage your customers, suppliers and partners.

View all the estimates, jobs, invoices, reminders and notes for each customer.


Create simple or multi-line estimates

Generate professional branded estimates and email them with the press of one button.


Create jobs and break them down into smaller more manageable tasks.

Assign tasks to members of the team with deadlines.


Record the time and cost of resources working on each job.

Larger organizations can enable the Timesheet submission and approval process.


Track expenses and store receipts using your camera.

Larger organizations can enable the Expense submission and approval process.


Add notes and reminders against customers, estimates, jobs, tasks and invoices. Reminders appear on the Home screen when the user logs in.


Create invoices against a customer, an estimate or a job.

Track customer payments or enable electronic customer payments.


Connect to the Rhino Accounting Hub for fixed price End Of Year Accounts by registered accountants.
Using your Rhino data makes the whole process simple and efficient


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